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Information About Funeral Service Items

Wetzel and Son endeavors to supply as much information as possible to enable an informed choice to be made when considering the various types of funeral services available today. In meeting with us for a no obligation discussion, either in advance or at the time that the funeral services are needed, we will review many or all of the following items:

Because of the significant number of topics that are discussed with Wetzel and Son when making arrangements for a funeral, or when prearranging for funeral serivces, it is suggested that a minimum of two hours be set aside to meet with one of our directors at any of our three funeral homes. Our goal is to assure that each family that we meet with is able to make an informed decision in regards to the types of funeral services that are most appropriate for their circumstances and finances.

  • EXPENSES - The wide range of costs, from the least expensive immediate cremation to the more costly ground burial, with a discussion that compares Wetzel and Son's prices with corporately owned funeral homes and cemeteries that "charge thousands (of dollars) more than many other mortuaries for the same funeral" as stated in a national news magazine cover story on the funeral field.
  • CEMETERIES - The cost and requirements for a burial at a cemetery, including a frank discussion of the high-priced, high pressure, out-of-state conglomerates that have bought out many of the Philadelphia area cemeteries. These corporations are organizations that a national news magazine refers to as "the new corporate kingpins of the death-care trade," those "lying thieves, who prey upon the poor and bereaved."
  • CREMATORIES - The alternative to traditional ground burial, with a discussion of the costs and requirements for a cremation.
  • FUNERAL HOMES - The purchase of many local funeral homes by corporately owned conglomerates that use commissioned sales people to deal with the needs of our local community. These are the "homes (that) charge thousands more than many other mortuaries for the same funeral", states a national news magazine article.
  • TYPES OF FUNERAL SERVICES - From immediate disposition at a crematory or cemetery, memorial services, to a traditional funeral with a visitation period and religious service at the location of your choice.
  • CASKETS - From those that are made of a simple wood frame construction to finished solid hardwoods and various types of metals, (steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze), with a discussion of caskets that can be rented for a visitation and/or service.
  • CREMATION CONTAINERS - The alternative to the traditional casket, for use in a cremation service.
  • OUTER BURIAL CONTAINERS - The concrete "vaults" that go into the ground at the cemetery for the casket or cremation urn to be placed into, with an honest discussion of why virtually all corporately owned cemeteries require them, and why many local, independently owned cemeteries do not.
  • FLOWERS - Their appropriateness for all types of funeral services, and a discussion of their costs and why corporately owned funeral homes and cemeteries charge double and triple the amount that local flower shops charge for the same items.
  • CLERGY DONATIONS - The recommended donations and/or fees for the clergy, musicians, soloists and assistants for a religious service.
  • CERTIFIED COPIES OF THE DEATH CERTIFICATE - What they are specifically needed for, including discussions on probating a will, estate planning, inheritance taxes, banking accounts, properties, automobiles, investments, insurance policies, beneficial societies, pensions and government benefits.
  • NEWSPAPER NOTICES - Paid "death notices" and free-of-charge obituary notices along with a discussion of the costs and requirements for each.
  • WEB SITE OBITUARY - A personalized obituary and slideshow of family photographs telling the life story. Wetzel and Son's web site also provides for the option to allow friends and neighbors to send messages of condolence from the web page to family members. The web site obituary is not time limited and will continue to be available into the future.
  • CLOTHING - The use of personal clothing for the deceased compared with purchasing clothing specifically for the funeral.
  • RECEPTIONS - The reception or "funeral luncheon," discussing both the costs and the appropriateness of having a luncheon after a funeral.
  • MONUMENTS - The cost and requirements for cemetery markers or "tombstones," and their inscriptions, with a discussion of their availability, free of charge, from the Veterans Administration for veterans.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY AND VETERANS BENEFITS - The benefits that are available through the government, and the eligibility requirements for those benefits.